How to repair the uterus after multiple miscarriages

After a woman enters puberty, the endometrium will periodically fall off, forming menstruation.

If there is no endometrial experience, multiple abortions may be possible, which may cause the endometrial to be too thin and affect the fertility management function of Chinese women.

Endometrial structure

1 The endometrial system is divided into three layers.子宮下垂手術 The uppermost membrane will fall off every month, which can be regenerated, and the uppermost membrane will fall off to form menstruation. The middle layer and the basal layer of the endometrium will not peel off and regenerate. If the middle layer of the endometrium is slightly damaged, the impact on fertility is not very large. If the basal layer of the endometrium is damaged, it will affect China’s fertility work capacity.

How to repair the uterus after miscarriage

Endometrial growth is stimulated by estrogen and can be stimulated by eating natural foods containing estrogen. For example, soybeans contain soybean isoflavones, which are natural estrogen. There are also some health products of Chinese soybean isoflavones on the market. You can try to consume them after consulting and doctors. Rubbing Sanyinjiao acupoint refers to the intersection of the Spleen Channel of Foot Taiyin, the Kidney Channel of Foot Shaoyin, and the Liver Channel of Foot Jueyin. Frequent rubbing of Sanyinjiao can regulate menstruation, help maintain the uterus and ovaries, and promote the repair of the uterus after abortion.

practice method: First lie flat on the floor, open your legs and shoulder width apart, bend your knees and keep breathing naturally; then inhale, lift your buttocks up, put your hands together and put your palms flat on the ground; exhale, keep your buttocks Lift up, lift up your right leg, point your right toe to your left knee; then keep this position and breathe naturally for 3-4 times; finally lift your right foot up and stretch it, look towards your right toe, and hold the position for 5-10 seconds . Safety precautions for repairing the uterus 4 In the short term, it is possible to prohibit multiple abortions in the same room. The repairing time required for the uterus will be longer. At this time, the wound has not fully healed. premature intercourse can easily lead to some bacterial and viral infections, generally at least within a month , To avoid intercourse. pay attention to contraception within six months, and the time to complete the repair of the uterus must not be blindly pregnant. Avoid overwork. Women lose vitality after multiple miscarriages. They should stay in bed for 2-3 days, after which they can gradually exercise.

Avoid suffocation, forced defecation, and other actions that will increase abdominal pressure within a week. Within a month, we should not move, lift heavy objects, or do other things that make people feel tired. 1. Keep cold and warm after the flow of people: After many flow of people, you must pay attention to the cold of the uterus. Do not blow on the fan or air conditioner in summer, and do not eat cold food, especially before and after menstruation. So as not to cause cold in the palace and affect uterine recovery. When you have a cold or catch a cold, you can drink a bowl of cold soup, which can usually evaporate sweat properly and get rid of the body cold.

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