Solutions to garbage classification

1. Rely on community consumers

In the face of this situation, we must first standardize the management behavior of scavengers as soon as possible, strengthen guidance and management, and realize the transformation of enterprises from disordered to orderly management under the premise of reducing their negative impact on the society, so as to give full play to the garbage classification and recycling. The role of. More importantly, compostable cutlery a more advanced garbage sorting and recycling system must be established.

2. Establish the concept of waste classification

Relevant departments should also carry out extensive publicity, education and advocacy work on garbage classification to enable citizens to establish environmental awareness of garbage classification, clarify the serious harm caused by garbage to social life, publicize the importance of garbage classification, and call on citizens to actively participate. At the same time, it teaches citizens the knowledge of garbage classification, so that the citizens’ garbage classification has gradually become a conscious and habitual behavior.

3. Renovate or add facilities for garbage sorting and recycling.

A trash can can be divided into several partitions or several independent sorting trash cans can be placed. Garbage classification should be gradually refined. You can use your own trash cans of different colors to recycle glass, paper, plastic, and metal packaging to design garbage, plant-to-garbage, life study garbage, battery light bulbs and other special garbage. The type of recycling and brief instructions for use are indicated on the trash can to guide residents to use it. Trash cans can also become a carrier for corporate advertisements, and the production costs are borne by the company.

Community recycling bins can be managed by community properties or neighborhood committees to establish a modern community’s garbage management and recycling service functions, making garbage recycling a revenue-generating method, and making up for the lack of environmental sanitation and cleaning costs for consumers. The government can implement the preferential strategy of reducing or exempting business tax to mobilize the management enthusiasm of the community. Newly built residential quarters must reasonably plan garbage collection stations, which gradually become a necessary condition for approval and acceptance, and strengthen the comprehensive functions of the new community.

4. Improving the form of garbage storage and transportation

For some large garbage, it should be stored and transported in China after compression. In particular, it should be noted that the garbage collection truck time of the Environmental Sanitation Bureau should be modified in a separate manner, and some garbage can be loaded by classification. Give full play to the role of the original garbage recycling channels, and recycle the wastes and sell them to enterprises. In addition, establish a dedicated recycling team for waste downstream industries, which will be directly recycled by qualified professional organizations, realize multi-channel recycling, and introduce price and service competition mechanisms to improve their service quality and waste recycling rate.”

5. Short-term collection and regular collection in stages according to households

Separate the garbage for a week and temporarily keep it in the family. Sanitation collects perishable vegetable leaves and other food waste every morning, collects recyclable garbage at noon every day, collects construction waste at noon, and collects other garbage at night. The community or the relevant departments of the property management company conduct regular door-to-door guidance to newcomers or distribute brochures to let residents know how we separate garbage. Where conditions permit, videos of learning about foreign environmental garbage collection are also played regularly to improve the quality of local residents. The habit of taking care of the environment is to take care of yourself.

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