The longer the ECG is done, the more detailed the test result will be?

Generally speaking, it takes about 3-5 minutes to check a normal ECG. If an arrhythmia is found during the examination, an extra minute of heart rate is required, and the effect of the examination is better.

Will an electrocardiogram get an electric shock?

In the living environment, many people think that the electrocardiogram test will affect the current and cause the body to be electrified. Therefore, before the company conducts analysis and inspection, holter ecgthey will ask themselves to have this problem. But in fact, the heart myocardial tissue cells will learn during the activity design Some students have relatively weak currents, and when the electronic instrument is placed in a certain part of the human body during the examination, these working currents can be introduced into the electrocardiograph, and then the electrocardiograph waveform is generated by continuous amplification, which is the electrocardiogram. However, the output voltage of this kind of electrocardiogram has basically no effect on the human body, just like no electric current is felt after turning on the light in the room, so there is no phenomenon that the electrocardiogram will be energized by the electric current.

What should I pay attention to when doing an electrocardiogram for examination?

1. Cooperate with the doctor

There are some Chinese people who are stubborn when doing analytical electrocardiogram examinations in enterprises, making themselves twisted and unwilling to cooperate with doctors, but they don’t know that this social behavior can easily reduce the accuracy of safety examination research results. Allowing yourself to twist or move around will affect the maximum current control and heart detection, which is not conducive to the doctor’s examination, so it is necessary to cooperate with the doctor during the examination to allow a doctor to get a more accurate knot.

Two, relax yourself

Some people are so nervous when doing an ECG that they worry about getting an electric shock or other things, while others have a high heart rate when they are too stressed, and when their heart rate is too high, they will get the wrong result, so in the exam To make yourself comfortable, only relax and quiet, you can get the most accurate results in the exam.

In general, the ECG examination does not become more detailed the longer it is done. It has a certain amount of time. As long as you cooperate with the doctor under the guidance of a doctor to perform the analysis and examination, you can get more accurate calculation results, and at the same time Knowing that the ECG examination does not have radiation or other damage, so they don’t have to worry about its serious impact, as long as the system is performed independently under the correct guidance of the doctor when needed.

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