How to clean and maintain bedding?

First of all, we have to find out what is a bedding fabric for beauty salons. There are no different washing methods for fabrics. For example, silk and silk need to be washed with special care. At the same time, bedding of different materials and colors should be washed separately as far as possible.Bedding Hong Kong Except for silk, bamboo fiber and silk, most materials can be machine washed.

It is recommended to wash cotton fabrics twice a day and do not use detergents containing bleach. When cleaning the bedding, add a little white vinegar to increase the gloss.

Generally speaking, the cleaning process is: first pour neutral detergent into the washing machine water, the water temperature should not exceed 30 ℃, wait until the detergent is completely dissolved before putting into the bedding, do not soak for too long, the bed after washing The supplies should be hung and dried. Be careful not to expose them to the sun for a long time. After they are dried, fold them neatly.

Secondly, pillows are one of the most commonly used bedding products. pillows usually become very dirty after a month or so, and some even turn yellow, so the pillows are most prone to bacteria and mites. In beauty salons, if we do not wash pillows for a long time, it will cause great harm to the healthy development of corporate customers. Therefore, it is very important to wash pillowcases. Whether it is hand washing or washing machine, students can do it.

Add toothpaste when cleaning, toothpaste has a good cleaning and sterilization effect. At the same time, adding an appropriate amount of edible flour has a certain decontamination ability. After soaking, you need to scrub the pillow with sulfur soap to remove mites and sterilize. Finally, we rinse the pillow towel with clean water, dry it in the sun, and then it’s OK. The pillows and towels washed out in this way will be very clean and will be soft again.

When we store and store the bedding in the beauty salon, we can choose to store the bedding in different shades of different functions. At the same time, the company should fold the bedding in a regular manner, and place a certain amount of insect-proof camphor, and the moth-proof ball must not be used. Contact with the quality of your own products directly affects. It should be noted that mothballs can no longer be placed in silk wool fabrics, and it can be developed by placing them in a suitable humidity and ventilating place.

In any case, clean and tidy bedding is a prerequisite for our health, so we should clean the bedding frequently.

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