Environmental protection drinking straw comparison

Hong Kong people are becoming more and more environmentally conscious. In addition to restaurants, many people are using environmentally friendly drinking water pipes instead of disposable plastic water pipes. But there are different types of green drinking water pipes, which one is the most suitable? eco friendly cutlery setThis small series lists the advantages and disadvantages of 6 eco-friendly drinking water pipes for you. See which one is right for you!

1. Stainless Steel Drinking Tube

The most common green drinking water pipe is a stainless steel drinking water pipe, and some small restaurants will also respond to environmentally friendly stainless steel drinking water pipes for customers. One is not flat, about 30 to 50 dollars, including cleaning utensils.

Environmental protection stainless steel drinking tube

Not easy to damage, drink cold drinks especially refreshing, but drink hot drinks be careful of spicy mouth!

Environmental protection stainless steel drinking tube

Recently, a foldable stainless steel drinking water pipe was introduced abroad, which is convenient to carry, but of course the price is much more expensive.

2. Glass drinking straw

The glass beverage tube is transparent, you can see whether the beverage tube is clean, the appearance is more beautiful, and the heat resistance is also very good. Drink hot beverages.

Environmental protection glass drinking straw

Most of them have a deal at the average price of 20 yuan, but the glass drinking water pipe is heavier and easy to fall off. If you ask a friend that it’s bad all day, it is recommended not to choose this type.

3. Bamboo drinking straw

The bamboo drinking straw has a beautiful appearance and natural materials, and the price is about $15 to $30.

Environmental protection bamboo drinking straw

However, it is difficult to maintain and may be more prone to mold.

4. Sugarcane/coffee drinking straw

The sugarcane/coffee drinking straws newly launched this year are made of natural sugarcane fiber/coffee grounds, which are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Recently Zhong Jin Hong, bought it online.

Environmental protection sugarcane drinking straw

But this is just a one-night stand, only suitable for cold drinks.

5. Rice Drinking Tube

This Korean rice drinking tube has a firm texture and can be used for hot and cold drinks. It can also be eaten directly. It is also used to cook spaghetti. It costs 15 won (about 0.11 Hong Kong dollars) per stick.

But Hong Kong does not have such a pipe, and it is more durable than other drinking water pipes.

6. Seaweed drinking tube

The United States has recently introduced algae, which is decomposed by the environment, and is more directly edible, and can be eaten for up to 18 hours.

But it is not reusable, and it has not been officially released yet, so you have to wait to buy it.

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