Which cabinet styles are popular for comparison and analysis? How to choose cabinets?

There are many types of cabinets. Different types have different characteristics and different effects. To choose a cabinet that suits you, we need to look at it according to specific needs. In recent years, most users pay more and more attention to style when choosing cabinets. It is recommended that users with such needs can choose solid wood cabinets. If they want to pursue practicality, it is recommended that you choose ceramic tiles or marble cabinets.廚櫃套餐 Which cabinet style is more popular? How to choose a cabinet? A small series of building blocks, see the detailed plan selection!

Which cabinet styles are more popular? How to choose cabinets? Cabinets are classified by categories, such as whole cabinets, tile cabinets, and marble cabinets.

1. Whole cabinet

The overall cabinet design should be the first of most of us, because its style and materials have been studied the most.

The panel data can be divided into: solid wood board, fireproof board, molded board, baking varnish board, blister board, etc. The internal incoming materials can also be developed into solid wood board, multi-layer board and particle board.

Among the overall cabinets, solid wood panels are of course the most popular, after all, it is environmentally friendly.

2.Tile cabinets

Let me talk about tile cabinets, which are actually a kind of cabinets commonly used by parents. They are made of tiles or red bricks. It’s outdated, but because the entire cabinet is not durable, everyone starts to miss durable tile cabinets again. However, the popular ceramic tile cabinets have been improved in appearance design, and can achieve incomparable basic whole cabinets.

3. Marble cabinets

Finally, marble cabinets are similar in principle to tile cabinets, but the material is marble (mostly man-made). The marble cabinet itself is particularly durable, but the stone contains radioactive substances, so it is not as environmentally friendly as the tile cabinet.

If you pay attention to the style, you can choose the whole cabinet. The board is best to choose solid wood. The style of the cabinet door can match the style of home decoration; if you pay attention to practicality, you can choose tile or marble cabinets. The lifespan can be basically the same as the house, that is to say. It is not bad to use, but the design is not as fashionable as the whole cabinet.

Which cabinet styles are more popular? How to choose cabinets? The content of the above article is specific suggestions for selecting cabinets. I hope it will be helpful for you to choose cabinets.

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