pros and cons of short-term insurance

Advantages of short-term insurance:

1. Low cost and high guarantee

Short-term insurance, because its insurance period is relatively short, so the premium is relatively low, but in such a short insurance period, its protection is very high, 短期保險for example, if you buy a travel accident insurance, you may There is only a 7-day insurance period and only a few dozen dollars, but you can get tens of thousands or more.

2. Flexible choice

Short-term insurance is very flexible in choice. You can choose to cover 1 day, you can choose to cover 2 days, or 7 days, half a month is all right. For some people who occasionally travel for work or travel, yes It couldn’t be more appropriate, this is mainly for accident insurance, because many people will need special protection for a certain period of time, so they need short-term insurance to protect them.

Short-term insurance disadvantages:

1. The guarantee is only for a certain period of time

When the insurance we buy is short-term, this insurance is only guaranteed for a certain period of time. After this period of time, even if an insured accident occurs, the insurance company will not pay compensation. For example, some people will buy short-term heavyweight. Illness insurance, but the disease does not necessarily occur within this short period of time. Beyond this time period, even if you are sick, the insurance company will not provide insurance money, which means that this short-term critical illness insurance is meaningless.

2. The risk time taken is short

Short-term insurance is only for a certain period of time because of its short coverage period. However, we must know that everyone may get sick during their lifetime, and accidents may occur, but no one can predict the specific time when it will happen, so people are more What is needed is long-term insurance. Long-term insurance can provide life-long protection, while short-term insurance is only suitable for people who need protection in the short-term. In other words, short-term insurance takes a relatively short time.

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